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Susanna Ahola, Matti A. Mäkinen, Matti J. Mäkinen, Elina Kaura, Eero Prepula, Leena Kaura-Mäkinen

Is Big4 2 big 4 U?

We are a medium-sized certified audit firm in Finland. A team of audit professionals with a long career of working together. Tiliextra was established in 1977 as a family business.

We belong to a chain of independent auditors in Finland. We have a strong team of specialists both in Tiliextra and in the chain of audit professionals. 

Our offices are in Capital Region of Helsinki and in Tampere Region (Pirkanmaa). We serve clients all over Finland as most of our clients have a digital financial management system.  We are familiar with most of the electronic financial management and accounting systems in Finland, especially Netvisor, Procountor and Finago products.

Our services

Statutory audits and auditor’s assurance services for small and medium-sized companies form our core services. We also have teams specialized in audits of housing companies as well as non-profit associations and foundations. 

In addition to auditing we offer a wide range of assurance services such as auditor’s statements and certifications. Our advisory services include consulting in accounting, taxation, corporate legislation as well as company structure and ownership reorganizations. We plan and give advice in company ownership transactions, especially changes of generation in ownership.

Statutory audits as core service

Auditor's certifications

Assurance services

Consultative audits, analyses, Due Diligence

Advisory services in accounting & taxation

Company structure re-organizations

Can we help you?

Tiliextra Oy:

  • Audit firm certified by Finnish Patent and registration office
  • Audit services since 1977
  • specialized in audits of SMEs and housing companies
  • belongs to Finnish chain of professionals
  • Holds the best Platinum credit rating of Suomen Asiakastieto
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